Demo Site Info

This demo site lets you play with the admin pages of our premium plugins so that you can judge whether you like our designs before you purchase them. You will find the menu items under Settings, the same place where you would find them if you installed the plugins on your own blog.

If you would like to create a plugin demo site like this one, we can help.

  1. You can get our demo package containing an eBook, a checklist, and sample scripts. This package will have everything you need to get started with a plugin demo site, but you will need some programming expertise to customize it.
  2. If you’d rather have us do the development, please buy a customization ticket. We will need your access to your server to complete the installation.
  3. We can even host your demo site for you. Get our demo site hosting package. We will give you a subdomain under the prestigious domain as http://[your-name] We will develop it as you specify, and host it for you.

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